Sunday, December 14, 2008

Half day trip to Melaka on 15 Nov - Part 4

~ Jonker Walk ~

How do we call these red colour slippers in English??

Ding ding tang..

Fresh pineapple tarts and Lo Po Piang..

Along the street..

Dodol Durian..Local popular snacks!!
Is this a Volks Wagen?!

~ Jonker Gallery ~
So called 面包车‏!!

~ Melaka World Heritage ~


Joshua said...

those red slippers made of wood are clogs bro...

a friend of mine uses those for his restroom's slippers...BLOODY HARD TO WALK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro..Learn a new word..Haha!!

Astro Galaxy said...

Great photos!

desmond said...

Thanks bro, I read you travel blog and you have taken a lot of good pictures as well..