Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My favourite toys in 2008

No. 1 ~ SDU Breacher "Wai" from DML (UML Exclusive) ~

No. 2 ~ SDU Assault Leader "Michael Chan" from DML ~
No. 3 ~ Ace, Jake and Max (Centurions) from Kenner ~
No. 4 ~ Shocktrooper from Medicom RAH ~

No. 5 ~ Sandtrooper from Medicom RAH ~
No. 6 ~ Darth Vader (Episode 3) from Medicom RAH ~

No. 7 ~ Darth Maul (left side of the pic) from Sideshow ~
No. 8 ~ Jet Li (Fearless) from Enterbay ~

No. 9 ~ Switchblade (M.A.S.K.) from Kenner ~

No. 10 ~ All my wrestling figures from Jakks Pacific ~


LEon said...

desmond, all the above toys are what you bought for 2008? That must cost a lot. The Centurions and Switchblade where you got it from and how much?

alex teo said...

i see mostly 1/6 figures - good call :) SDU was and still is one of my favorites. happy collecting for 2009!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, these are some of the toys I bought this year and cost me a lot..No choice cos love them very much..Haha!! I bought the Centurions and Switchblade from CSC..As for the price, SGD70 each for Max and Jake (from U-Toys). But Ace costs me around SGD120 (from eBAY store). David from Toy Invasion sells MASK toys and I got my Switchblade (SGD110) from him. FYI, there is another set of Switchblade available in his store. If you are interested, hurry down to buy from David and he may give you discount on this.

Anonymous said...

Same to you, bro!! Although DML SDUs are very old figures to me. But they were the one that impressed me to go into 12inch collection. I only got Wai and Michael Chan this year. So, they are the top 2 in my list.

cosmicbaby said...

Wai, Michael Chan... brings backs good memory of the early 1/6 days!

Those were the day a 1/6 brand known as DML (Dragon) had the world at their feet! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Cosmicbaby, Dragon ruled the 1/6 market around eight years ago..

Little Plastic Man said...

Mixed of retro and new figures! Great list! As you already know...I really love your centurions!!!

Anonymous said...

Adrian, you can also buy those vintage toys. It's just that you don't want to spend so much money only..Haha! Anyway, happy new year bro!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

There are too many new toys been released with the huge demands these days. Vintage toys will always have its value.

Well, new toys now will a day be vintage too. Both new and vintage rocks! Oop! I'm I contradicting myself. More toys to come in 2009 my friend

Anonymous said...

Ya Dennis, you are right. The important thing is that we love what we buy. To me, I hope economic will be recovered ASAP and our salary at least can be maintained in 2009. Otherwise, there will be very tough for our life including toy hunting..Anyway, let's hope 2009 is better than 2008 and continue buying toys without worry!! Haha!!

Shin said...

Great Top 10 list you have there, but i tot u sort of "cheated" with no.3 and no.10, lol.

Btw, is that Darth Maul from sideshows or medicom?

Anonymous said...

Shin - Your word "Cheated" sounds a bit serious to me. Because centurions is a team of three. We can't separate them. Anyway, if you want me to choose one from each category. I should say "Max Ray" for No.3 and "Kane" for No.10..My Darth Maul is from Sideshow as Medicom one is very expensive. I also think SS version is not bad as well..