Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toy Shop - Action City @ Jurong Point 2 (closed down)

This is the newest branch "Action City" opened in Jurong Point 2 recently. Quite crowded during the coming Christmas season. For your information, there are few boxes of Hot Toys Joker (Bank Robber Ver) available in the shop. So, go grab it ASAP if you missed that masterpiece.


Joshua said...

yep saw the new jurong point 2 from the outside on friday....wanted to check it out but walked past it...never entered it...too tired

would check up on that action city...*never fails to entice me..*

though i just go BR joker from tfh today...awesome dope

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I remember Action City used to have a lot more toys for the big boys.

Anonymous said...

Joshua - A must have masterpiece indeed..
Dennis - Yes, Action City used to sell a lot of boy toys but they changed strategy few years ago. They are more into girls' stuff now. I guess it's easy to get cash flow rather than concentrating 12inch only..