Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 6 on 4 May

This was my last day in Hong Kong. So, ordered a set of big breakfast meal "Satay Beef Noodle Soup with Pork Cutlet and Butter Bun" in the teahouse I visited on Day 3.

Also tried the Wanton Noodles there. The Wanton itself is very filling. After such wonderful meal, straight to do "last minute" shopping around Mongkok areas.

Reached HK Airport around 3.40pm. The Disneyland shop was my first place to go after entering departure hall. Bought some cookies and chocolates due to the attractive pricing offered in the shop.

It's time to walk towards departure gate.

This was my flight SQ865 and it arrived at Singapore Changi Airport around 10.10pm. Really enjoyed my 6 days trip in Hong Kong and...I'll be back, Hong Kong!! Haha!!


Little Plastic Man said...

such a sad post...it means your holiday has ended...LOL

desmond said...

Yes Adrian, it's my last post for my HK trip but it's not sad at all. Because I am glad that I visited all the places I planned to go..Furthermore, can go HKG if I can save enough in the future..Haha!!