Thursday, December 31, 2009

A reunion gathering on 26 Dec 2009

It has been 3 years my buddy never come back to Singapore due to his busy working schedules in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

After my visit to KL last month, John came back for Christmas holiday. He missed Orchard Road so much. Wayne in brown sweater (right above) is also my buddy and it's truly a reunion gathering for three of us :P

Took a few shots around Orchard Road and we went to Boat Quay for "a drink".

For "a drink" means "pub, beer and pool" - This is one of the pubs at Boat Quay. We drank 6 bottles of Heineken and 30 little can of Asahi Beer (like never drink beer before)..Haha!!


cowboy75 said...

Finally John is back !!
Welcome back John, make sure he say, I'be back !!
Happy New Year Desmond !!

desmond said...

Same to you bro! Happy new year!! John said when we met in KL last month. So, he came back this month for X'mas holiday..Haha!!