Friday, December 4, 2009

Sideshow - Imperial Shock Trooper Pt.2

Continued from box packaging, I have no doubt Sideshow has done another great job on their 12inch Imperial Shock Troopers. Similar to Utapau Clone Trooper and Stormtrooper Commander, the weathering and paint work on this armoured figure is fantastic. Due to the rubber jump suit, the loose joints are tight to hold most of the poses I want. The DC-15S blaster and DC-15A blaster rifle are the weapons come with the figure. Besides display stand, an extra pair of poseable hands are given as accessories. I am pleased that Sideshow has been improving a lot in the paint work and sculpting of their recent 12inch figures. So, I highly recommend this figure if you want to add a 12inch Shock Trooper in your Star Wars collection. You may read my previous post on Medicom Shock Trooper here for comparison.


Joshua said...

love your photos bro! always getting better! how much did you spend on a backdrop??

i'm still like using adidas sports shirts as cheapo backdrops =D

oh and btw, TONY STARK IN meck test suit has been announced bro!!!! you'd be hyped for certain!

desmond said...

Thanks Joshua, Still learning to take photos and I didn't spend much on the backdrops. Just bought few pieces of art papers from ArtFriends at Bras Basah Complex. Also, I don't have a proper setup and that's why my photos are very dark. Thanks again for your info, I definitely buy Tony in Mech Test Version as the headsculpt is amazing!!

Astro Galaxy said...

Great pictures!
Enjoy looking at your collectibles!
I've also added ur blog link!

desmond said...

Astrogalaxy, thanks for dropping by..I read your blog and you have a variety of collection and a big fan of Star Wars as well. You also took a lot of wonderful photos when travelling overseas. Nice meeting you and I have linked your blog :)