Monday, February 8, 2010

Hot Toys DX - Joker in Police Uniform

As I always wanted to get the Joker in Police Uniform set, I don’t really border about the likeness of the extra head given with DX masterpiece. Since my buddy who is a huge TDK fan also gave his compliment on the head, I believe this head sculpt should be pretty screen accurate.

You can have two snap buttons to fasten the police jacket and a few pieces of Velcro to fasten the white shirt and pants, and they work pretty well.

I like the plastic badge with colour ribbons as it looks nice to add onto the police jacket. The little US flag pin on the jacket collar looks very “real” too. The left shoulder patch is detailed made that you still are able to read the words “City of Gotham Police Department”.

As usual, the hair is fine sculpted with good paint work. The texture of the lips and scars is beautifully executed with right amount of realistic skin colouring. The work of the eyebrows is great that is usual for a Hot Toys figure. You can also see dark circles under the glossy eyes which I believe it refers to Ledger’s actual make-up in the film.

The “pop in” shoes allow the figure to stand in any pose you want him to be.

The only thing I don’t appreciate is the “oversized collar” on the shirt.

The M1 Garand rifle with white leather strap is well produced and it fits perfectly in the gloved hands.

Hot Toys is always good in using appropriate fabric for making quality outfits to its 12inch figures. Similar to the DX Joker, the work in making his outfit - white shirt, leather belt and buckle, black tie, peaked cap and police uniform is amazing.

The top part of the cap is made of fabric while the shiny black plastic peak and metal cap badge complete the entire headgear. Overall, I am pretty happy with this figure and he definitely looks nice when posing with the rest of my TDK collection.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

love this version.
wish i own it, but i don't
just have to settle down with normal vers and bank robbery vers.


desmond said...

Bro, I only like this police uniform joker that comes with DX set. This is the last figure I get for TDK series :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Bro, your pics are getting better. I find the badge on the uniform very sharp. The belt and tie looks kind of real too.

desmond said...

Dennis, thanks for your compliment but I am still learning to take photos at different angles. Agreed, the cop badge looks sharp on the uniform and colour of the ribbons is nice. Hot Toys always does great job in their 1/6 scale accessories and outfits :P

Astro Galaxy said...

The figure is very realistic!
Great review.
Here's wishing you a HAPPY Chinese NEW Year!

desmond said...

Thanks bro, I wish you and your family a happy Chinese New Year too..Huat ah!! :)