Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sideshow - Lando Calrissian Pt.2

The head sculpt is so good that you could recognize the likeness is Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars films. Sideshow has done a great texturing work on the hair, eyes, moustache and lips. The overall shape of the face is beautifully executed and I believe this is one of the best 1/6 human head sculpts produced by Sideshow recently.

The joints of the figure are tight enough to hold most poses and I have no issue with any movement of the head.

The sculpted hands work well with the blasters – Red Dot Scope mounted blaster and the stormtrooper blaster with folding stock. As usual, nice weathering you can have on the stormtrooper blaster.
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The big belt around Lando’s waist has some simple design and it is wholly made of plastic. Lando has a “wrist comlink” and the surface of the communications device is fairly detail.

Besides nicely painted eyebrows and moustache, darker lips colour is carried out to differentiate the skin tone of the face. Although Sideshow does not produce glossy eyes to its 1/6 figures, the paint work on the eyes is considered good.

The shirt and pants are well tailored. I guess the blue cape is the best part of the costume and the wired collar keeps the cape hanging in place. The interior lining of the cape is also pretty screen accurate.

Lando wears a pair of 70’s style boots with high heels and they look funky.

Besides a display stand and two blasters, there is an extra set of hands for you to swap. Even if Lando is not a very popular character in the Star Wars universe, I still want him to be part of my Star Wars collection. Again, I am very pleased to have this figure as I like the head sculpt very much. You may read my part 1 review here.


The Rebel said...

Billy Dee William's the man!

Sideshow really need to keep the body/head proportions in check. Great figure and headsculpt....I just wish they could make the head a wee bit smaller. Lando is still ok I's the German-Indy figure that suffers the most....real 'melonhead' that one!

cowboy75 said...

u damm 100 % right Mr Rebel!!

desmond said...

Yes Rebel, agree with you. Lando head size is a bit bigger in scale. But overall still looks ok if we put his cape on. German-Indy head is really too big!!

desmond said...

Cowboy75, same thinking here :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Man, the trousers and shoes are so retro! Nice pose!

desmond said...

Ya bro, this character appeared in Star Wars Episode 5 around the 70's :P

kira said...

wow nice get!! i agree on the head though hehe.. more like a wobblehead thingy but overall its nice!

desmond said...

Ya Kira, the head sculpt is pretty good this time round and thanks for dropping by..