Monday, September 7, 2009

Hot Toys Endoskeleton T-600 Pt.2 (Concept Ver)

Basically just took some photos to show how detailed and well painted of the parts of this figure has. The figure looks really nice with light up eyes. As there are a lot of joints connected to the body, we have to be extremely cautious when posing the figure. There is a need to untie the cloth at the left arm joint in order to bend the arm. Similar to the other arm, we have to unfasten the hooks of elbow pad before bending the right arm. I did not put on the rubber mask to the figure as it may spend me a lot of time on doing that. Also did not assemble the back pack and gatling gun for the figure as there is not enough room in my display shelf currently. So, I have put the figure back to the styrofoam box after photo taking. You may view the box packaging here.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Great investment! This is really a nice piece. Can see you have a lot of fun with the lighted up eyes. Very Cool!

desmond said...

Ya Dennis, the light up eyes are damn cool but seldom try extreme poses for this figure as I afraid the joints may break if I am too aggressive. So, just pose it in standing position..HAHA!!