Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hot Toys - John Connor Pt.2 (Ter-minator Salvation)

Besides handgun and rifle, this little blade is essential for Just-In-Case purpose.

John keeps his two handgun magazines in the pouch attached on his right chest.

John also carries four demolition blocks which are fastened by elastic straps stitched on his pants.

John's tactical boots with jungle pattern camouflage pants seem "normal" to me. I love the red armband and "Resistance" patch on the left sleeve of the leather jacket.

The headset which is connected to the radio fits nicely in John's ear.

Four M-4 magazines are stored in the holders at the back of the leather jacket.

John's handgun is kept in the holster which attached to the drop leg panel on his right thigh.

The other two M-4 magazines are stored in the pouches attached to the tactical body harness.

The main weapon for John is his M-4 Carbine with additional firing power shotgun.

John is ready to take action with all his gear now.

Trying some basic poses for this awesome figure.

Overall, Hot Toys John Connor is worth for collection as everything here is well made especially to the realistic head sculpts done for this series. You may visit Alex's blog for more detailed pictures and review here. As for the design of styrofoam box packaging, please view here.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

ready to buy the second version of John Conner as well?

desmond said...

Must see the actual figure before deciding to get the second version..

Joshua said...

i hope they'd at least revise the headsculpt and give us a scarred john connor, after fighting the T800, so as to make it different but i doubt it'd happen considering the fact that the arsenal he's with seems to be before the battle.

desmond said...

Yes, Hot Toys had released the pictures of second version before and the head sculpt is pretty much the same. But confirmed no scar on the face. And I may skip that piece..